Madin Polytechnic College - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department Profile

The three year diploma course in the Electrical Engineering was introduced to serve the needs of the Public & Private Sectors for trained Electrical Engineers. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is arguably the technology which has shaped the world we live in. All aspects of our lives are affected by the electrical power we take for granted. Electrical and Electronics Engineers are responsible for the continued safe and responsible development of this technology in all its many applications, through research, design and development, manufacture, service, marketing and consulting.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a dynamic and exciting discipline which will continue to serve the needs of society through the economic and responsible exploitation of existing technology and the development of innovative ideas. The academic skills of the students are owned by courses with main focus on subjects like Electrical and Electronic Engg. Materials, Electric and Electronic Engg. Design and Drawing, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments, Electronic Devices & Circuits, Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Installation & Maintenance of Electrical Equipments, Electrical Workshop and Project Work.

The department has made rapid strides since its establishment and is equipped with best infrastructure facilities. The students of this department have achieved top ranks many times in the State Examination conducted by The Department of Technical Education, Kerala. Technical excellence coupled with sound work ethics has been the motto and guiding principle of this department.


The experiments as detailed in the curriculum are performed in the laboratories & workshops for the purpose of blending theoretical inputs with practical know-how. The various Laboratories & Workshops that are functioning under this department are equipped with latest testing equipments as listed below:-

S.No Name Of Laboratory Machines / Equipments
1 Basic Electrical Eng. Lab
  • Multimeter
  • Decade Resistance Box
  • Voltmeters
  • Ammeters
  • Watt Meters
  • Power Factor Meters
  • DC Supply
  • Meggar
  • Resistors
  • Inductors
  • Capacitors & Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Rheostats
2 Electrical Workshop
  • Multimeter
  • Control Circuits
  • Meggar
  • Winding Machines
  • Ovens & Electrical tools ctc.
  • Underground Cable
  • Tong Tester
  • Cramping Tool
  • Various Types of Lamps
3 Electrical Measurement and Machinery Lab
  • Speed Control Motor Device
  • Centralized Rectifier
  • Motor-Generator Set
  • Various types of DC Motors & Generators
  • Transformers 3-phase & l-phase
  • 3-phase A.C: Motors
  • 3-phase Synchronous Machines
  • Various Types of Starter
  • FHP Motors & Testing Equipments
4 Electronics, Microcontroller and PLC lab
  • CRO
  • Signal Generator
  • Linear power Supply
  • IC trainer Kit
  • 8051 Micro controller Trainer Kit and its interfacing modules
  • PLC trainer Kit- Direct on Line (DOL) starter, Star-delta starter, Traffic light control, Conveyor control, Lift control etc.