Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering deals with the properties of steam and thermal energy. Boilers, Steam engines, refrigerators, air conditioners, heat engines and IC engines are the application this subject. Material strength and metallurgy covers the application and selection of engineering materials and heat treatment process to improve the strength and wear resistance properties of the materials. The subject Machine design deals the designing of machine parts by considering the force. Various manufacturing techniques and fabrication methods are studying in manufacturing process.

Advanced production process deals with the modern machines like CNC, FMS and Robotics, apart from the convention machines like lathe, grinding, milling etc. Automobile engineering subject covers the entire vehicle mechanism and modern development in motor Vehicle industry. Power plant engineering subject teaches various power production units and to calculate the power consumption.

One of the major areas is the machine drawing and the study of engineering graphics. General workshop and Advance machine tool laboratory helps the students to practice in various machine tools as well as skill development. Material testing Lab and Electrical technology labs are advantageous to the students to practice to test the materials and to connect the electrical equipments. Hydraulic lab and Heat engine labs are providing the practical knowledge about these areas. There are provisions to practice Service and maintenance of mechanical devices in the concerned laboratory. Computer aided design cover the areas of computer drafting in machine designing and drawing. Implant training and industrial visits helps the students to understand about the real time situations in industry.

LAB Facilities